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Become An Instant ‘Green Thumb’

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If you love the idea of gardening but just don't quite have the knack just yet, here is a great idea to accelerate your confidence and maximise your results in your garden.

At Bonny Hills Garden Centre and Cafe, we have five fully qualified horticulturists on staff who can answer your questions at our place or yours. Pop by to visit the team with all of your questions about what to plant, when to plant and how to care for your plants too.

Even easier for you, we can visit you at your home for just $150 which includes a $100 gift voucher to spend at BHGC. Take us on a tour of your garden and we will help make it easy for you to get your green thumb on.

Watering schedules, soil type, the best plants for the best places in your garden - a full 1hr consultancy never delivered such amazing results.

Perfect for:

When you have just moved house and you are wondering how to take care of the plants at your new home,

When you want to add to your garden and you need professional advise to plant the right plants in the right area,

When you want help getting a veggie patch started,

When you want to give something to someone who has everything!

If you like the idea of accelerating your green thumbiness, drop past and speak to the team today!

The Secret Ingredient To Amazing Plants

If You Want Lush, Healthy Plants - Add this FREE Ingredient!

Watering your garden is very important, without water your plants won’t survive.  How much water, depends on the individual plant and aspect.  Generally speaking your garden will require watering once a week, pots will require more water.  Other factors influencing the frequency of watering include the nature of the soil, the amount of sunlight, how well the garden is mulched and whether the plants are in flower.  If the plant is in flower it may require more water, and also high temperatures will call for more frequent watering. Under watering can leave your plant a host for unwanted pests, and too much water can leave you with rot and diseases.

Watering your veggie patch, ensure in the first instance that your soil is corrected, applying organic matter to your soil will help retain water, along with a barrier of mulch.  Wetting agents can also assist with penetration and retaining water in the soil.  On average you should water each plant for about 5-10 seconds.  Once you have finished watering scratch round and make sure the water is getting where you need it most.  When establishing a new garden you will need to water two to three times per week for the first few months, and then once settled in approximately once a week should suffice.

The best way to check if your garden needs watering is to scratch the surface and if it is dry to a depth of approximately 25mm, it's time to water.  Over a period of time you will learn how much water your plants require to be happy!

Need help with watering strategies tailored to your plants and garden? Organise an on-site visit from one of our qualified horticulturists. Expert advice at your home for just $150 (includes a $100 gift voucher!)

Mikes Tip
If you find your water is running off and not soaking into your soil, try adding a little Penetraide - it is relatively cheap and really helps to get water down to the roots of your plants where it is needed.

Tea, Coffee & Cold Drinks

Catch up with friends and family over a cuppa at the Garden Centre Cafe.  Smell the aroma of the fresh roasted coffee beans from Holy Goat Port Macquarie, and tantalise your taste buds with a freshly brewed coffee made and served by our qualified barista's, with Milk delivered from the local Milko using Fresh Norco milk.
Prefer a cup of tea, brewed from exquisite fresh loose leaf teas from World Par Tea.  Our Iced Teas in particular are a hit with the locals, with flavors such as Mexican mango & chilli or strawberries and cream.
We have the coldest and thickest milkshakes and thick shakes around serving in old fashioned cold canisters.
Something to please everyone!

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