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Summer Colour

  • Salvia Dichondra

As we enter the middle of Summer, there are plenty of perennial plants to bring lots of colour to your garden for the summer season. Choose from Calibrachoas, Salvias, Daisy, Dichondra Silver Falls, Gauras and many more.

Remove spent flowers and feed regularly with Searles Flourish and you will be rewarded with colour all throughout summer.

Plant of the month June

  • Zygo2
  • Zygo3
  • Zygo1

The Zygo cactus season has begun!.

We have a large collection budding up and waiting to burst into flower for winter. They are perfect for pots or hanging baskets in a well lit room. Remember to keep them slightly dry and the will reward you with flowers for the winter months.

Flowering Now for June

  • Clerodendron
  • cyclamenmay18
  • Kalanchoes
  • Ericas 4
  • Xanthostemon

As we enter the first month of winter. Our gardens have a surprising amount of plants bursting into flower.

From the Camellia Sasanquas and Japonicas, the amazing yellow flowering Xanthostemon Fairhill Gold, Ericas for low shrubs and pots.

Kalanchoe are starting to bud and look fantastic mass panted or growing in containers. Zygo cactus have been putting on an impressive display for many weeks and are also great for pots and baskets.

Clerodendron nutans is another hardy part shade loving shrub or potted specimum. If you need a colourful climber the Pyrostegia is a winner for a winter display.

The cymbidiums and Phalaenopsis are starting to bud up and will continue to flower throughout winter. Cyclamens love the cold and flower for many months just remember to keep them away from the heated rooms.

Colour for the Indoors

  • cyclamenmay18
  • mothersdaycolour184
  • mothersdaycololur
  • Zygo2

As the days get shorter and winter is fast approaching, its nice to have some colour for the indoors. We have Cyclamens, African Violets, Anthuriums all in full flower. Orchids are just starting to arrive for the winter season. These are sure to brighten your home. Call in and we can advise on the best care to ensure these continue to thrive.