Plant Nursery

Vibrant Plants to Beautify Your Home and Garden

At Bonny Hills Garden Centre, we have a dedicated team of five qualified horticulturists on staff and what we think is the best supply of vibrantly healthy plants on the Mid North Coast.

Browse below and come by in person soon!

  • Fruit Trees

    Fruit Trees

    Nothing compares to home grown fruit. At Bonny Hills Garden Centre we have a large selection of fruit trees to…

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  • Indoor Plants

    Indoor Plants

    Inside the garden centre you will of course find our ‘indoor plant’ selection, perfect for adding colour and texture to…

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  • Tropical


    BHGC have a fantastic range of tropical plants available, suitable for local climate.  Tropical plants add texture, vibrance and structure…

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  • Natives


    Native plants are necessary in maintaining biodiversity of both the flora and fauna of Australia.  Native plants are easily adaptable…

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  • Flowers


    Bonny Hills Garden Centre carry a fantastic range of quality flowering beauties to bring your garden into full bloom. Flowers…

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  • Water Plants

    Water Plants

    Water plants can be used in a simple designer pot, pond or lagoon environment.  Water plants help to stabilise the…

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    Veggie Patch

    As a gardener it is always rewarding to harvest produce that you have nurtured from a seedling.  Bonny Hills Garden…

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  • Xanthostemon


    BHGC stock a great range of quality mature trees, both ornamental and fruiting varieties.  Mature trees create instant impact and…

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  • Succulents & Cacti

    Succulents & Cacti

    If you are wanting to create a drought tolerant garden, you have come to the right section.  These ‘sun loving’…

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  • Silverfalls


    Shrubs are a great alternative to trees, they are used for hedging or creating a focal point in a garden…

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    BHGC stock a wide variety of plants that lend themselves to hedging, both native and ornamental.  Hedging plants are used…

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  • Carex Feather Falls


    Bonny Hills Garden Centre stock an array of grasses, perfect for softening garden edges and creating borders or providing an…

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  • Climbers


    Climbers are perfect for softening structural intrusions such as fences and sheds.  Climbers are effective over pergolas, adding softness and…

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  • Bonsai 3


    If you are looking for a unique living piece of art, Bonny Hills Garden Centre have a selection of ready…

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