BHGC Landscaping Project Feature

Ocean Club Bonny Hills

Bonny Hills Garden Centre is the company appointed to create the lush, resort styled grounds for the exclusive luxury over 50's living development called Ocean Resort in Bonny Hills.

Stage 1 of this project was recently completed and involved the landscaping of the grounds to deliver the residents an experience of a lush tropical hideaway. A key element to the landscape design is five towering 15meter high palms which were sourced by BHGC and carefully craned into place. Great care had to be taken to ensure the successful transplanting of these trees and their great health today is testimony to the BHGC teams post installation plant care.

This project is ongoing with BHGC providing ongoing landscape garden packages to the developer for all new home owners. Each package is optimised to deliver maximum value for the clients budget while offering residents a rich choice of plant packages which are tailored to their individual taste.

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