A Local Family Owned Nursery

Introducing the Nursery Team

Bonny Hills Garden Centre and Cafe are proud of our team who are like members of our family. In fact, several of our staff are members of our family and we are all dedicated to you our customer!

We have five horticulturists on staff who can advise you on what to plant, where to plant it and more! Best of all, our professional advice is free! Pop past today and let's chat about making your dream garden into a reality.


Keith founded Bonny Hills Garden Centre and Cafe in 1989 and has a background in landscaping and accounting. Having been in the business for over 25 years Keith knows just about everything there is to know about plants, gardens and landscaping so if you have any questions, just ask!

Peter Cummins

Peter Cummins has been in the landscaping industry for over 30 years. A long-time employee of Bonny Hills Garden Centre he started his career with Keith and the team in 1997. Peter has a broad knowledge of plants and all areas of the Garden Centre and is head of the customer service team. Drop past and say g'day today!


Danielle has been working at Bonny Hills Garden Centre since she could see over the till. Danielle, along with Marnie, is the driving force behind the Bonny Hills Garden Centre Gift Shop - which is choc-full of homewares, gifts, plant and garden accessories.


Marnie has been working at Bonny Hills Garden Centre virtually since 'Dad' Keith started the business back in 1989. Marnie is renowned for her amazing retail displays and is also the Garden Centre's financial controller.


Mal is originally from Newcastle with over 35 years of experience working in garden centres in Newcastle and Maitland. Gaining experience with coastal and dry climate gardening, Mal owned his own garden centre in Singleton for 9 years and was also a garden presenter on ABC Newcastle Radio for 8 years.

Moving to Port Macquarie, he joined the team at Bonny Hills Garden Centre in 2012. Tropical style plants are one of Mal’s gardening passions in addition to formal gardens and garden design.


Janice is a qualified horticulturist and has been employed by Bonny Hills Garden Centre for nearly 4 years. Janice has been involved in the horticulture industry for 18 years - working both in garden centres and also self-employed as a contract gardener. Janice is particularly interested in plant ID, garden design and loves helping customers select the perfect plants for their garden so be sure to say hi to Janice when you are in the centre.


Michael grew up in Sydney and attained his Horticulture qualifications at Ryde TAFE. Working in the industry since 1998 he worked for Rose specialists' Swanes Nurseries, Andreasens Green, and has now been with Bonny Hills since 2009. Michael's passion for the outdoors & interest in our stunning National Parks has given him an admiration for working with Native plants and learning how to best incorporate them into the everyday garden.

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